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What do you get when your Teacher is a Rapper? Kamal, The Hip Hop Teacher!

Students love the hip hop Teacher! He makes sure young scholars learn while having fun and he loves to inspire them! He loves building kids self-esteem and self-advocacy. He talks to them about anti-bullying and the importance of team building! Children love his PEMDAS rap, The Water Cycle Rap, Stop the Violence Video, "I Will Make It" song and much more!

Teacher's will find everything from videos on etymology to college tours as Kamal constantly updates this website, but you can keep in touch by subscribing. As an internationally known spoken word performance poet, conscious rapper and motivational speaker, Kamal has performed and/or spoke at places such as Benjamin Franklin Jr. High School in Teaneck NJ, The Net's Halftime Game as "NJ's Most Talented", Farliegh Dickinson University, Bergen Community College, Rutgers University, Princeton, the Nesbit Basketball Hall of Fame, Nuyorican Poetry Cafe, The Bowery Poetry Club and much more!

He has taught and worked with "At Risk" and "Emotionally Disturbed Students" I.E Bloods, Crips and other gangs having a very high success rate from neighborhoods throughout New Jersey including Newark, Paterson, Irvington, Jersey City, Camden and more! Parent's contact him to counsel their children as he has experienced many things that they have.

Kamal was born in Harlem NY and raised in the Bronx and later Teaneck, NJ (which was only 10 minutes from New York City) by a single mother with 3 children from 3 fathers who struggled to pay the bills and had nervous breakdowns and would sometimes faint. He was recruited by gangs and negative posses. He and his friends were attracted to the excitement of the streets of New York, Paterson NJ and Newark NJ. He lost many friends to drugs, dealing and crime related activities. Some are locked up to this day. By listening to his inner voice as well as several voices in the village, he was able to survive and escape the streets.

He has a coming of age movie entitled "Up in the Attic" (Rated R) which is based in the 1980's hip hop era. He has also acted in several independent films one which is currently on Tubi. He has acted in a play "The Greatest is Love" as well.

Kamal loves to give back and build young people up via renewed focus and direction. Contact Kamal to give motivational speeches and more to your young scholars at and 551-217-9001

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