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About Kamal the Hip Hop Teacher

Terrence Kamal Oats was born in Harlem NY and raised in the Bronx and later Teaneck NJ by a single mother who had 3 children who each had a different father.  On many occasions the fathers weren't financially responsible leaving his mother fainting and having nervous breakdowns. Terrence was courted by gangs as early as the age of 7 which prompted his grandmother to bring the family out to NJ from the Bronx.  He was born in the midst of the civil rights movement and raised at the origin of the Hip Hop movement and culture. He developed a love for rapping, spoken word and dancing.  After loosing best friends to crime, drugs and prison, he continued to try and do the right thing and eventually went on to Bergen Community College, Morehouse College and NYIT. For the last 14 years he has taught both inner city  "At risk" and "emotionally disturbed" youth including bloods and crips and MS-13. He has helped many to gain heights that they didn't previously see.

He has acted in several films, one of which is currently on Tubi as well as written and directed "Up in the Attic" a teenage coming of age film based in the 1980's which is also anti drug and pro-education. Kamal has spoken and performed at the Nets game (Halftime show), Princeton University, FDU, Bergen Community College, The Basketball Hall of Fame, Rutgers, Nuyorican Poets Cafe, The Bowery Poetry Club and much more!

Terrence Kamal Oats is frequently called on to speak with individual and collective young people who in most cases lend him an ear and like what they hear!  He has been happily married to his lovely wife Dian and has a 17 year old son "Hassan" aka "Sani" who is a singer, music producer, rapper, Soccer team Captain and most of all a national Honor Student!

They reside in northern New Jersey!


Mission & Vision

My personal mission is to provide the intellectual and creative guidance that is missing in our culture and society. It is my  is my mission to uplift, inspire, motivate and assist our children so that they will be prepared to meet the challenges of the future and leave the planet a better place than that which they inherited with joy!

Focus on a goal take control and roll, let the whole world know that you got soul, like the atom in the womb of the universe that grew into the sun, your number one!
Be determined and rise like helium! Blast off!

aka Kamal Imani


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